Diedre & David

David and I would sincerely like to thank you all for the valued service and advice given, firstly when looking to buy our new caravan and then to follow through with ordering our new van. We were given as much time as we needed to be able to make our final decision on where to buy our new caravan. Vince and Naomi gave us valued advice of things to be aware of when buying and were patient and understanding with our questions and so knowledgeable in every aspect of caravaning including towing. It was always a pleasurable experience to visit the friendly staff on our several trips out to see the vans at Noels. We never felt pressured in anyway in regards to buying a caravan and nothing was too much trouble for Vince to talk  things through with us and get the van that was best going to suit our needs as a couple. Upgrading the van height and bigger bed for David being so tall was so worthwhile. We feel as though we are on holidays in a luxury apartment on wheels.

The friendly, caring and attention to detail in all aspects of ordering our van is much appreciated. Once signing our contract, the process of selections with Naomi went so smoothly and so much attention to detail again was given to make everything in the van work efficiently and practically. Naomi was very patient with us once again when selecting our colour scheme and layout of dining table etc. allowing us to go into different vans on site to visually appreciate and physically sit down and make sure what we were ordering was going to suit our needs.  The little things that sometimes get overlooked such as an extra towel rail and reinforcing the bathroom door for a bathmat, as our shower door was blocked off from the ceiling, to full door blind in lieu of a curtain, may seem minor items, but when living in a caravan are so worthwhile. We spent a great deal of time talking to people and visiting other caravan suppliers and without a doubt your company excelled in every possible way with what is included in your caravans, quality of workmanship and customer service. Going from a very small camper trailer style caravan to our beautiful 20’7” van is a huge change for us. We were so excited to finally take possession of our van in September and handover of the van was again exceptionally handled with patience and explanations of how everything worked. We were lucky enough to have someone who was willing to repeat things several times for us to fully understand and also be able to record some things for future references.  After going away in our caravan and meeting up with fellow Island Star Owners who have only good things to say about Noels Caravans, we are extremely happy with the service and after sales service we have received from you all. We would highly recommend anyone who is looking to buy a caravan to give the wonderful staff at Noels Caravans an opportunity to sell them a van.